This is our first born

Dear friends, acquaintances, and readers:

Welcome to our blog "Embrace the World". For the first time, I'm writing a Blog and I made an effort to convince myself that it's too scary to start this open diary and turn my life into an open book. But I decided to be a blogger, so be it.

Let me introduce us. My name is Silvana, but my friends call me Silve, and He, my better half is Mr. Perfect. He’s Anton and He is my husband. It may sound too pathetic, but we are like a whole indivisible entity, Silve & Tony.

As soon as we got married, we started dreaming of a warm home full of children's laughter, chatter, diapers, noxious, prams and baby cries. Yes, my Dear, We decided to have at least three children. I even gave names of the poor unconceived ones. However, life is not a Wish List. Despite all our efforts, we failed.

After two decades, we surrendered and gave up from the children dreaming. But we started working on our different- firstborn. The project " Embrace the World" is our first child to be born. Deep in my heart, I know that this time we will succeed. Simply, this brought to the world alive.

The team working on "Embrace the World" is a “dream team” that reminded me very much of my family members who use to give me unquestioned support during our six failed IVF attempts. Apostolski, Mima, Boro, Ace, Sale, and some others are my new family members, my new doctors, my nurses. They work hard on our daily dreams to come true. They are not only devoted in giving away themselves to this joint mission, but they are working on this Project as if this was their last. They are, simply, my EVERYTHING and I am extremely grateful for that.

Let me now present Tony. He has been a passionate fan of motorcycles for more than 40 years, and He managed to infect me too. I was probably one of the few in the world who, when first got on a motorcycle, was crying for hours. Must admit that the first time I got on a motorcycle it was only from love for Tony, simply because I wanted to become a bit of that passion. But with time, I became unconsciously infected to that extent, that now I became the driving force in the project "Embrace the World" ready to circle the planet to give a huge hug the entire world.

Believe me, there are many hugs and pure love saved from all our unborn children. We preserved galore of love in the hearts, we accumulated undelivered embraces, which we are ready to give away to the entire world. First, we will go on a tour to hug our Macedonia. Then, collecting a whole pile of embraces, we will start a motor tour around the world. From there we will bring precious hugs from around the world to be returned back to you. I am convinced that all people in the world need a lot of love and warm embrace.

The decision is made. I and Tony will try to fulfill our dream. The decision was tough. Could you imagine, how many sacrifices are required to travel along all those new and uncertain roads. It's not easy. We are leaving our jobs, our cozy homes, the security that our country has given us, just to go to this adventurous mission. There is, of course, fear for our own health, the fear of the unknown, of the misfortunes of the world that will intercept our pathways. But yes, but we both share the same fears and the same passion. In the  365 days, we will be inseparable 24/7, passing hundreds of thousands of kilometers across all continents and over 40 countries.

It is difficult, we are aware of that. But it was not easy for us to spend thousands of miles for 20 years, knocking on hundreds of doors in the country and all over Europe to find the best doctor who will help us with the sterility. There were many tears, a feeling of vacant worthlessness.

I know that this time we will succeed! We have to hug our "first child". We are hungry for your support. So, please, comment, encourage, tell us where we go wrong, be with us here, but do not tell us to give up. Join us in this lifetime challenge with your sincere support, for together with Tony we can write down this trace, a trace that will remain a heritage to the world and to Macedonia.
Give us the wings to fly in the realms of this dream.

Join us in the challenge of raising our "first" child!


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